Product Safety Alerts


Our products undergo significant testing during development and production before they go on the market. We monitor and investigate all comments we receive from the market to ensure our products meet our standards, and take actions when necessary, including cooperating with all proper government authorities, to address any issues that arise and enhance our products’ safety.

RECARO Tian Core / Elite Car Seat - (November 2020)

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RECARO Zero.1 Car Seat – (September 2018)

In course of regular quality control inspections, Recaro Child Safety has found a deviation in a specific, clearly defined production lot of the Recaro Zero.1 child seat that does not conform to the high quality standards of Recaro Child Safety.

Customers who own a product with the corresponding serial number will be sent a new Recaro Zero.1 seat free of charge. Until the replacement model arrives, the old seat should only be used in the rear-facing position – that is, facing away from the direction of travel.

Using the serial number of their seat, customers can determine whether their product is affected and if so, contact Recaro Kids for the replacement program.

The affected products have the serial numbers:

  • KS01022139 to KS01024461
  • KS0128355
  • KS01035954 to KS01039574
  • KS01048736 to KS01049087

The serial number can be found on the label on the underside of the Recaro Zero.1 seat.