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Here you can find further important information about your RECARO childseat and stroller.

Information about i-Size

i-Size is a certification norm for child seats that applies in addition to ECE R44/04. The goal of the i-Size norm is to make parents' search for a suitable child seat easier.

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Our aim is to develop child safety systems that set new standards in terms of safety, comfort, and design. Long before series production begins, each product undergoes rigorous testing.

Important Information


As stated in the manual, when installing a child seat with Isofix connectors, always make sure that you hear a click from each connector. Subsequently, the locking should be checked by pulling on the child seat on both sides.

Important Information


Should you, at any point, detect any malfunction or damage to your child seat, be sure to stop using it immediately and contact your dealer or our sales and service center.